Minute of the board of Corsock and Kirkpatrick Durham church which met on Tuesday September 19th 2017 in Kirkpatrick Durham church hall at 7pm.

The chairman Mrs Fiona McCormick opened the proceedings with prayer.

Present:  Mrs Watson Mrs McCall Mrs Cusack Mrs Dougan Mrs Burney Mrs Wishart and Messrs Watson Wrathall Wishart McCormick Dickson and Dawson

Apologies:   Mr Black Mr Thomson Mrs Robertson Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Ingall

Treasurer's report:

    Mrs Watson reported that income to date was 15, 249, 96. And expenditure 19,197.41 Deficit 3,947.45

.Around 3,000 is expected to be paid back from accrued revenue from our insurance outlay. The treasurer then dropped the bombshell that our contribution to Ministry and Stipend funds is to be raised by over 121 per month based on our income over 3 years. The calculation includes donations over 6,000 for Corsock Church maintenance, roof repairs for leaks above the pulpit and the Tower; as well as a donation for badly needed redecoration. After much discussion at this perceived unfairness the Board put forward a motion, proposed by Mrs Cusack and seconded by Mrs McCall to instruct the Clerk to write a letter of protest at this increase and clarify if future initiatives such as the maintenance and project grant from SCT we are seeking and money from the sale of communion plate will be assessed in a similarly unjust manner. The motion was carried nem.con.

Action Clerk

Minutes:  The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday July 11th were approved, proposed by Mrs Betty Watson and seconded by Mrs Deirdre Cusack.

Matters arising:  

  Grant application - David Wishart reported back from a valuable training day in Edinburgh about the maintenance of church buildings and ways to fund this thus preventing minor problems becoming major ones.   In discussion afterwards Martyn Wrathall made a particular point of the importance of members claiming expenses for this type of essential training. It was also important that the Presbytery fabric committee be informed of our outline plans and the Minister agreed to ensure this. Action   David Wishart and the Minister.

Communion plate Willie Dickson agreed to take a supervisory role in organising the sale aided by the clerk. The minister agreed to research how Dalbeattie marketed their communion tokens and report back.           Action         Willie Dickson Minister and Clerk

Crofts garden opening in subsequent years  Mrs  Deirdre Cusack spoke  of some uncertainty both from the owners and gardener about this but we agreed that we would honour the date set for next year and continue thereafter if we possibly can as it is a valuable source of income(average 250/yr.) and a church presence in the public eye.

Manse:  The electrical problem has stumped the local expert Kenny McBride. As the fault is intermittent and infrequent.the manse annual inspection team (visit now pending) can assess this further.

Action Mrs Deirdre Cusack and David Wishart also joined by our linked church representatives

Nigerian visit: David Wishart informed the meeting that visa applications were in but no arrangements could be confirmed till these were secured. Tentatively our visitors would arrive on the 26th October for 15 days, with the usual proposed arrangements. Service and lunch at KPD church on the first Sunday with similar arrangements the following week at Corsock. Then a visit to Carluke to see Rev. Elijah obiunah until the Wednesday the 8th November and flying home the following day.

Doors open day on Sat September 9th from 10 till 5 .Both churches were open and 24 people visited. If repeated next year we will have to give more thought to publicity with a leaflet drop as well as using social media and advertising more fully. Other suggestions were a flower display and music to supplement the historical display we had this year if we can enthuse more volunteers to help.. The Board felt it was a worthwhile event and again an opportunity to engage with the public.


AOCB- It was agreed not to send Christmas Cards this year but publicise events over the season in the local paper the website and social media.


There being no further business the meeting ended with the peace


The next meeting is scheduled for 21st November 2017