The dates and venues of Corsock & Kirkpatrick-Durham Community Council meetings, for

2015 are listed below.

All dates and venues may be subject to change.

Dates, on Tuesday:



20 January 2015

7.30 pm

Corsock Hall

17 Feb 2015

7.30 pm

Kirkpatrick-Durham Hall

17 March 2015

7.30 pm


21 April 2015

7.30 pm

Corsock  Hall & AGM

19 May 2015

7.30 pm

Kirkpatrick-Durham Hall

16 June 2015

7.30 pm

Corsock Hall

21 July 2015

7.30 pm

Kirkpatrick-Durham Hall

18 August 2015

7.30 pm


15 Sept 2015

7.30 pm

Corsock Hall

20 Oct 2015

7.30 pm

Kirkpatrick-Durham Hall

17 Nov 2015

7.30 pm

Corsock Hall

15 Dec 2015

7.30 pm

Kirkpatrick-Durham Hall

Everyone is welcome to all the meetings!



8.   AOB


Tuesday 21st April Corsock

Agenda items to be received by 1st Tuesday of each month

MINUTES of Meeting held at Knockvennie Hall on Tuesday 17th March 2015


Present: Mr W. Dickson (Chair), Mr A. Pyle (Deputy Chair)  Ms F. Elliot (Treasurer), Ms S. Matthew  (Secretary), Ms  C. Pridham, Miss S. Bijl,  Mr  J. Cusack, PC Tom Dingwall

          The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed those present.

         Apologies Mr I. Gass, Mr & Mrs Proctor, Cllr F. Carson, Cllr G. Prentice, Mrs C. Dawdry,  Mrs J. Wilson

         Minutes The Minutes of the last meeting were approved, proposer SB, Seconder CP


·          Police report – Tom Dingwall introduced himself as the new Community Officer for Castle Douglas. He gave a brief overview of the situation in the area and asked that all remain vigilant regarding recent break ins to private and commercial properties, reporting anything suspicious immediately. There was a need for more publicity to increase public awareness of break ins, T.D. suggested childrens’ poster competition, F.E. to liase with school re this; suggested that the C.C. offer a prize for the winning entry, £25 suggested, proposed by F.E., seconded by S.B., all in favour.  T.D. confirmed tel no to call for non-urgent matters is 101.  T.D. to send C.C. a photo of himself for public information.W.D. thanked T.D. for his input, and was assured that he would keep in touch. T.D. then left the meeting.

·          Treasurer’s report – balance as of previous day - £1 462.55; cheque for £148.56 to be deducted, so balance is £1313.99.  F.E. confirmed the signatories had been changed and the grants are paid in for this year.  The possibility of fund-raising was put forward in order that the C.C. could further support the local community.

·          There was no Secretary’s report

·          Councillors’  reports – no councillors present

          Matters Arising

           Community awareness – S.B. working on website, will pass to committee for their views when ready. The e-mail system for the C.C. has been given to Beverley Jackson. W.D. asked S.B. to ensure that B.J. has all e-mail addresses for C.C. members

           C.C.  office bearer roles – Deputy Chairman Andrew Pyle; Treasurer Frances Elliot; Secretary Sarah Matthew.  W.D. thanked each, with special thanks to F.E. for her excellent work in her previous role of Secretary.

           Public transport – Ian Gass is talking to the head of Sustrans in Dumfries about this matter. Nothing further to report regarding Springholm school bus service.

           Kilquhanity School signage – keep on agenda to keep active

           Digital speed monitors – keep on agenda to keep active

           Road repairs report – potholes near Holehouse Farm in KPD and Corsock House – W.D. to report to Stewartry Council.

           Corsock finger post – remove from agenda

           Corsock village bunting – remove from agenda

           KPD churchyard – Covenanters’ memorial cover – remove from agenda

           KPDRA – date of opening tba

           C.C. members’ database – names and date of joining – F.E.

           Defibrillators update – price to be looked into for boxes for these for Corsock and KPD to enable access from outside locked building ie hall in KPD and pub in Corsock C.P. to look into.

           Stewarty Community Council Network – next meeting in Gatehouse of Fleet, date to be checked. W.D. and S.M. to attend

           St David playpark – W.D. confirmed that county council as responsible for play areas, Janice Ireland.  F.E. – there had been responses on Facebook when the issue was raised on there. W.D. said good that interest was shown and feedback received, he to liaise with J.I. regarding public meeting in hall to discuss issue.

           Loch Urr windfarm – C.P. gave the C.C. an update.there have been 759  letters of objection, 18 letters of support. The case officer at DGCC said there would be no open planning meeting, council would do report, discuss and decide for /against, then write to Scottish govt with decision.   C.P. – only way to get a public enquiry is if DGCC vote against proposal.  W.D. to write to planning dept at county council to strongly recommend they object owing to the large number of objectors.

           Grit bins – W.D. dealing with, comes under ‘community resilience’

           Knockvennie Hall – not yet discussed by Knockvennie Hall, but money needed; keep on agenda

           Data collection – J.C. ; keep on agenda

S.B. Culshan Farm Springholm – change of agricultural land to garden/garage, installation of 12 solar panels.

F.E. – letter from BT re phone box; community can purchase for £1, BT would remove phone, power kept for 7 years.

There was no other business.





Corsock Hall - Tuesday 21 April 2015 at 7. 30pm


1. Chairman’s welcome, introduction and Apologies.

2. Minutes of EGM and Minutes of last meeting.

4. Reports - Police, Treasurer and Councillor.

5. Matters arising

Awareness of CC in the Community and Community Website (CP/SB), Stewartry CC Network (G/

house Mtg 28/3/15 - CP).

Appointment of new Secretary.

Public Bus Service (Ian Gasse), KPD - Springholm School bus update (FE/Mrs Dawdry)

Roads; Kilquhanity School Signage, Digital Speed Monitors / Speed Limits (WD), Road Repairs



Defibrillators - Funding applied for external “housing”.

St David St Playpark KPD. Council intention to remove existing playing frame etc.

Windfarms - Mochrum Fell and Loch Urr. Vote update.

Glenkens Community Benefits. (WD/CP)

KPD Telephone box (DW)

6. Planning Issues (SB)

7. Correspondence; Volunteer Awards Ceremony.

8. AOB

• Knockvennie Smithy area to be included within CC catchment.

Tuesday 19th May 2015 - Kirkpatrick-Durham

Agenda items to be received by 1st Tuesday of each month